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Copper Mullen Pelham
Copper Mullen Pelham
Item codeA0514K
Pelhams are a good way of riding with two reins but only having to have one bit in the Horses mouth. It is crucial with any curb bit to set the curb chain well. You twist it so that it is flat and lay it across the back of the jaw then pick up the bottom rein and gently pull it so that you get the angle right as if it where in the rider's hand. The cheek of the bit should only go to 45 degrees and then the chain should be snuggly tucked into the jaw stopping the cheek moving any further over. If the chain is too loose you spoil the balance of the bit and apply too much downward mouth pressure and too much poll pressure with no balance from the curb chain. The addtion of copper here encourages salivation.

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