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About Us

Founded in 1982, Abbey England is proud to support a multitude of manufacturing, commercial and leisure businesses in both the UK and abroad. Supplying high quality British made materials and tools, Abbey England is one of the market leaders amongst equestrian wholesale suppliers.

Not content with just supplying Saddlers, Harness and Rug makers, Abbey England also supply specialist metal work for the fashion, motor and refrigeration markets.

Working closely with industry manufacturers, Abbey England is able to meet the demand for traditional tools including: knives for cutting leather, races to cut grooves, smashers to smooth stuffed areas of saddles that wrinkle, awls for marking and stabbing out holes in the leather, needles, hole punchers, hammers and trimming tools.

High quality English leathers, Leather Tools, Hardware, Webbing and Outdoor textiles form the core of Abbey England's extensive product range. The truly comprehensive range enables Abbey to offer clients the best possible service at competitive prices.

Well known for their extensive range of bits, Abbey England offer a top quality selection of riding and driving bits which are made of high quality metal and quality checked individually – something which is a rare occurrence across the globe today. Offering retailers more than 350 horse bit designs has placed Abbey England at the forefront of the bit sector.

Abbey prides itself on keeping the British saddlery and associated trades alive by supplying niche products to those retailers and manufacturers requiring the more traditional goods and tools.

Abbey England also distributes Stubbs Stable and Tack Room Equipment, Fiebing’s Horse and Leather Care Products, Granger’s, Pro Equine Boots and Mikmar Bits.
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